Wesley College Women's Track & Field Archives

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All-Time Honors

Year-By-Year Results

Year Indoor    Outdoor    Coach       
2017-18 3rd 5th Kimes Roster News
2016-17 2nd 2nd Kimes Roster News
2015-16 2nd 3rd Kimes Roster  News 
2014-15 4th 4th Kimes Roster News 
2013-14 3rd 4th Kimes Roster News
2012-13 5th 4th Kimes Roster News
2011-12    7th 6th Pickering Roster News
2010-11 N/A 4th Pickering    
2009-10 N/A 5th Pickering    
2008-09 N/A 6th Pickering    
2007-08 N/A 5th Pickering